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Hiring an experienced team of native speakers for translation services not only saves your company time and money, but will help improve your business communications and cultural approach in a foreign market.  With our combined skill sets and professional judgement, you will have confidence that your copy is free of grammar mistakes, inadequate machine translation or any inconsistencies that would negatively impact the way a potential customer interacts with your brand.

We provide first-rate English to Russian/Ukrainian translation services for companies ranging from rapidly-growing startups to multinational lifestyle brands. Our translation services include everything for your company’s digital and print marketing materials such as websites and brochures. We also translate subtitles for movies, commercials and television.



When companies are creating marketing and advertising campaigns in a new language, they must go beyond a simple translation of words to ensure market fit. An advertising campaign that has been wildly successful in Canada, for example, may have little to no relevance in Asia or South America.

A poorly chosen word or inappropriate cultural reference can also do damage to your brand and sales. That’s why investing in a highly-reputable team of transcreation specialists like Blue Flag is your best bet to avoid making mistakes and possibly alienating your audience.

The transcreation services we offer are top-notch. We will guide your brand names, slogans, and promotional materials safely across cultural and social borders.


Cultural Consulting

Cultural consulting services help companies improve the effectiveness of their communication within each target market. They involve evaluating source materials within the context of the target market’s norms and preferences.

Cultural consulting is vital for marketing campaigns as it can save companies the expense of translating materials that will be ineffective and can prevent from communicating messages that will actually harm their image.

When providing cultural consulting services, we pay close attention to things like word choices, tone, symbols, graphic, colors, formatting, and overall themes. Our final report provides information on which content and concepts require adaptation. The report may also make suggestions for changes to the original text.

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